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SquashLab Communities App

The SquashLab Communities App, which launched as a response during the COVID-19 pandemic, was developed to serve the Squash Community by facilitating greater engagement and participation in the sport at a community level. It is more feature-rich and is designed to engage squash players with one another, coaches, clubs and their governing bodies. It is also intended to connect the global squash community as it rolls out internationally.

The number one "go-to" resource for everything squash and racquetball within your Club, Gym or Association/Federation. Lift your game, learn the rules, find an opponent, find a coach and a court wherever you are, and stay connected with your community.

Pick your racket or racquetball, and learn more about the games through progressive learning and hi-definition content.

For super beginners through to super advanced at a national level.
Filmed with International Squash Superstars and featuring a coach/venue near you.

To access a full year of SquashLab Communities content and connect with your local community. Contact us or find your nearest community Squash Hub and get registered locally within the app.

If they are not registered, please contact enquiries@squashlab.net to arrange access.

SquashLab Apps

SquashLab is a unique squash coaching and training programme that will take your squash game to the next level.

The original SquashLab app, brought to life 4 years ago and continually being added to, was designed to be a comprehensive coaching resource for squash players who aim to take their game to the next level, with coaching from one of the world's best coaches. This is a paid subscription app that can be downloaded and accessed completely through the app stores.

SquashLab is a unique squash coaching and training programme that will take your squash game to the next level. Founded by former world #2 Liz Irving. Liz includes loads of carefully selected professional free coaching videos and shares the squash techniques that helped Nicol David become an 8-time world champion.

SquashLab is an amazing coaching app that is always available whether you access it on your mobile device or your iPad or your laptop. We cater for all squash players and all levels. You have access to our hundreds of professional coaching videos where Liz shares her coaching hints and tips and squash experiences with you that she has learnt over her many years of successful play and coaching. Go ahead and Sign Up today it will be the best thing you do.

I was ranked number 7 U15 in England pre-COVID and my sister uses [SquashLab] who got to number 1 U11 in England. SquashLab is a brilliant app that has improved my squash game tremendously. The way Liz explains things is very simple yet extremely effective. It has changed many aspects of my game for the better and improved my technique massively. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who plays and wants to get better at squash.– Oliver

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