SquashLab is a unique squash coaching and training app designed for all levels of play for use globally. It is one of the first ever squash apps that includes progressive learning and coaching programs that will take your game to the next level. It is widely used by individual squash players and squash coaches worldwide who wish to complement their coaching sessions. SquashLab is on iTunes and Google Play. Endorsed by Nicol David and Australia New South Wales Squash Coaching Federation

SquashLab Coaching Partnership

The following are the features and benefits you will receive:

  • Passive Income of up to 10% on revenue
  • Unique coupon code linked to your name / coaching entity name
  • Weekly/Monthly reporting of your coachee downloads
  • Simple and easy to join
  • Provides your coachees with awesome coaching videos
  • No hassle , easy to use App
  • Great offering to complement your coaching style
  • Gives your coachees an awesome experience!

How do you benefit?

As a coach you are selected to join our strategic coaching partnership program, which allows you to become part of our discount pricing model. We allocate you a unique coaching coupon code, which is then linked to your name.

You are able to give your unique coupon code to your coachees to use and they are able to redeem any SquashLab coaching program for a 10% discount on our list price.

Weekly we provide you with a report listing the users who have used your unique code to redeem their Squash Coaching programs.

At a glance you are able to simply see what the total user count is and the total spend on the downloads to work out your 10% on revenue passive income.