Squashlab is a unique squash coaching and training programme that will take your squash game to the next level. Founded by former world #2 Liz Irving. Liz includes loads of carefully selected professional free coaching videos and shares the squash techniques that helped Nicol David an 8-time world champion

SquashLab includes loads of carefully selected professional free squash coaching videos that can be selected by you to assist with your squash technique to instantly improve your game – think of it as a “squash trouble-shooting guide”.

Structured squash coaching programs are 6 weeks long and are suitable for any level of age and any level of play. This squash coaching package is designed for intermediate players with great coaching techniques with some insightful training videos.

  • Learn how to hit the ball under pressure
  • Learn how to lob and improve on this skill
  • Learn how to boast and improve on this skill
  • Learn how to drop and improve on this skill
  • Learn how to volley consistently
  • Learn how to be more consistent in your game
  • Match plays and drills are based on your level. Drill logs are available and have been downloaded anytime
    Guided coaching including suggested hints and tips and loads of videos to refer to


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